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How Very Annoying...

Arthur Weasley sent a an Urgent Owl to the school today, requesting the Headmaster's Presence at the Ministry Offices in London. We were all fairly stunned at first, and wondering what could possibly be so important. Had WhatHisFace emerged again with some new threat? Surely all his attacks in recent years have been directed here at Hogwarts.


As Minerva explained later, it was all a ruse.

She had wanted to call a Staff Meeting with Professor Dumbledore away so that she could discuss the plans for his Birthday Celebration.

You'd think that when a man has had as many birthdays as he has, another one wouldn't be so terribly important. But, apparently, she feels it is.

Not that I mind that, actually. He's a pretty cagey old Wizard and I do repect him tremendously. And, since Minerva had mentioned the celebration in passing before, I had considered some precision flying drills, such as they do in the RAF. I thought a team for each Year, made up of members from each House would be an unusual twist. The Houses aren't generally encouraged to work with each other, and this would force them to...

But as I entered the Staff Room, I saw Poppy and Severus tucked up all snug in a loveseat. She was practically sitting in his lap. It was a disgusting display; the pair of them all touchy-feely and looking at each other with doe-eyes. I thought I would cast up my accounts.

At first I had thought Poppy's little rebellion was an attention-getting device. I really hadn't been paying her as much notice as I do over the Summer Holiday. But now I think it might be something else entirely. I have stepped up the frequency of our sessions, but the higher levels of "discipline" have not been satisfying for either of us.

I think, perhaps, it is time to discuss the dissolution of our relationship.

After all, she's been having quite the merry time lately, what with Severus and the suspiciously fequent visit of Lucius Malfoy. While I... I have been left to my own devices. She hasn't been half so enthusiastic about servicing my needs as she has about those of her new beaux.

"Beau". That's a laugh. There is nothing beautiful about Severus, though I will admit that Lucius is remarkably tasty in the looks department.

Still... I haven't had any of my own fun in far too long.

I wonder... Would Poppy become jealous if she discovered I'd also taken a new lover?

But even if she weren't, I could still use a bit of relief. Sometimes I think I'll go mad if I don't find a way to have some mind-blowing animal sex, and soon.

I think I may just attack the next thing I set eyes on!!
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