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Well. Professor Sprout's students have finally finished their work on the Pitch. I'll admit it does look better than it has since Potter let those cats tear it up. However, I am told that it will be weeks before the bare patches fill in with soft cushiony grass. And there can be no Quidditch until the grass can support a fall without injuring the student.

So, I need to find another outlet for my athleticism.

Which reminds me...

The first time Poppy came to me and admitted she'd been used by someone else, I was surprised. I had thought that perhaps she'd felt I wasn't giving her enough attention, and indulged in a bit of rebellion in order to require being disciplined.

Poppy does like being disciplined.

But this has become a frequent occurrence lately, so I'm starting to think it may be more than just a bid for attention.

And last night --or should I say this morning-- she came back to our rooms smeared with chocolate. Chocolate!

I am allergic to chocolate.

When I asked her about it, between the paddling and the crop, she said it was for Lucius Malfoy's birthday party.

Well! We shall see about that!
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