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How Curious

I was walking the grounds of the Quidditch Pitch one last time before turning in for the night --I do that regularly now, since that time I found the elder Creevey with his sick little photo album-- when I discover young Mistress Weasley asleep on one of the upper bleachers.

Poor dear looked thoroughly bedraggled, asleep in her school uniform with a stuffed animal for a pillow. She also had a book with her, a diary of some sort I would imagine.

I have a certain ...fondness... for the girl. She reminds me much of myself at that age, except that she is a Gryffindor and I was a Ravenclaw. But even so. She's intelligent, athletic, good-natured, and she'd be an amazing flyer if she could acquire a better broomstick. She does surprisingly well on that mouldy old Cleensweep handed down from her brother. And, from what I hear, she has developed a brazen side to her personality lately.

Good for her.

Ah... the things I could teach her, were she just a few years older.

She could hardly be comfortable out here on a wooden bench. And yet, she was so soundly asleep that she didn't even wake as I lifted her and carried into the First Aid room beyond the Locker Rooms. I tucked her up in a blanket and went back for her things.

I'm fully aware of what the other children have been saying about her in the past week. I am equally aware of how untrue it all is. Slut, indeed. Except for having an obvious crush on Harry during her first term, I've never even seen her look at any of the young gentlemen in all her five years here at Hogwarts. I had begun to wonder if the child was even interested in boys as a gender until recently.

It was fairly obvious, however, when she put on that display in the Dining Hall that she knew her way around the male anatomy. And I'll admit to a bit of surprise when young Master Malfoy arrived with her when she showed up for a Flying Practice yesterday.

Not that I objected, of course. With him trying to get the Quaffle past her, I was better able to see where her flying needed improvement. Though, from the looks on both their faces, there was much more going on than a Quidditch practice. And the things they were saying to each other. It's a very good thing I'm not missish when it comes to innuendo. I'm certain Minerva would have been scarlett had she heard the taunts they were throwing back and forth.

I think they make a charming couple.

And not only because Lucius would be positively horrified. Though that is an added bonus.

But back to this evening...

I allowed Miss Weasley to sleep for a while, though with all her tossing and turning, I doubt she'll be at all rested. But eventually I was forced to wake her and walk her back to Gryffindor Tower. I tried to let her know that I was available if she needed someone to talk to, someone sympathetic. I had initially thought to volunteer Poppy --who is better with these things than I as a rule, but somehow, I think Miss Weasley needs someone ...firmer. Poppy is a regular Mother Hen with the children, but I get the feeling that Ginny needs more than just someone to cuddle and fuss over her.

However, I will mention to Poppy that I think the dear girl seems not to be sleeping well. Poppy will take care of her.

Miss Weasley did mention something about Neville Longbottom, but I couldn't quite make out what she meant. He wouldn't look at her anymore? This seemed to distress her terribly. I told her to just give him time.

Boys always come around with time.

And, perhaps, a word or two from a trusted teacher. I think I should keep young Master Longbottom after class for a small discussion. We shall get to the bottom of this odd little turn.

And now, to see if Poppy has returned from her little "pantry inventory" with Severus. As if she hasn't an exact tally of her available medical supplies in her head. I'm surprised they think me so gullible. I wonder whose idea this was, though. She'd never even thought to lie to me before taking up with him ...and Lucius.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Mister High & Mighty Malfoy finds out what company his son has been keeping lately...
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