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Well... That was interesting....

I knew that Poppy had been up to something lately. Or should that be someone? So I followed her the other night.

Right down to Severus Snape's chambers.

I have to admit, I was pretty stunned that she was servicing Severus. I wouldn't have thought him her type. Though she is suggestible, and there's not much she won't do when the request is made with sufficient force in the voice.

That's the only drawback with sharing quarters with a Sub.

Anyway, while I was trying to figure out what I was going to do about Poppy's ...indiscretion, I heard someone else coming down the corridor.

I ducked behind a statue, and saw none other than Lucius Malfoy. Malfoy? What was he doing here? Poppy had released his son from the Hospital Wing. And the students' rooms were on another level. So, I assumed he wasn't here to visit his child.

He knocked on Severus's door, but walked through it without waiting for a response.

"Happy Birthday, Lucius," I heard Snape say before the door closed, shutting off all sound from inside.

I decided I had better see what was going on. Poppy had been carrying a large covered ...something... when she entered Snape's rooms. Perhaps it was simply refreshments for a party.

Poppy is an excellent cook.

I walked into the room without knocking.

Poppy was nude, tied to the bedframe in a position that had to hurt ...just a bit. Severus was standing above her, holding a paintbrush dripping with chocolate. He had apparently been painting the confection all over Poppy's body. In itself, the sight was moderately arousing, so it was actually pretty understandable that it took a moment for me to realize what he was wearing: a black leather corset with green piping, a thong, and a green feather boa that looked like it had seen better days.

Lucius had begun removing his own clothing, and was down to britches and boots. One thing I will say for him, he does take care of his physique. For a man who seems too arrogant to do anything even vaguely resembling work, he is in exceptional shape.

Still... that was my Poppy Pomfrey spread out in all her glory, and no one had asked my permission to use her.

"What is going on here?" I asked in my most severe voice.

"It's Lucius's birthday," Poppy said around an ill-fitting gag. (Actually, it sounded more like "Iff Wooffuffuff murfeh", but after all these years, I can decipher what Poppy is saying when she's got something in her mouth.)

"Is it? Well... Many Happy Returns, Lucius."

"Thank you, Rolanda. Care to join the festivities?"

"No. I don't think so. I'm afraid I'm allergic to chocolate. May I inquire whose idea this was?"

"It was mutual, if I remember correctly. Why?"

I turned to the bed, and its occupant. "Poppy?"

She started to strain at her bonds. I think she was finally beginning to understand that I was displeased. At one point, Lucius made some comment or another --I don't even remember what it was-- and I responded by threatening to tell his wife exactly what he had been doing on his recent visits to Hogwarts.

Not that Narcissa would have listened to me anyway. She hasn't spoken to me, really, since the day Remus gave me her old job as Fluffer for his studio. It wasn't my fault that she was losing the ability to keep up her end of their contract...

Well, Lucius made a few threats back. And we eventually decided the show of force was sufficient that we could both do nothing with no loss of face.

"Fine," I said at last. "I will allow you to have your fun this time. But I want her thoroughly cleaned of all chocolate before you return her. If you miss so much as a single drop, and I end up with a case of the hives, I will take my discomfort out of someone's hide."

At which point Lucius looked intrigued and Severeus looked ....interested. As if he might even enjoy my retribution.

This may require looking into...

"Pity you can't stay, Rolanda," Lucius said as he finished disrobing. I could tell he was merely showing off his body. Though I must admit, he had every reason to expect me to be impressed by it. It was ...impressive. And, for those who wonder, he IS a natural blond.

Severus must have been equally affected by the view, because he suddenly peeked out of his thong. I felt the pressing need to pull out my switch and chastise him for being so naughty.

"Indeed, Lucius. Though I prefer caramel or butterscotch to chocolate, I'm afraid."

Severus set the bowl and brush aside. "That should be up to Poppy, shouldn't it? After all, she is the one wearing it."

Poor Severus. He just doesn't get it.

Ah well. Perhaps I can ...instruct him some other day.

After returning back to my own rooms, I realized that Poppy's absences coincided with at least two other times that Lucius was on campus. So I think I know where she was on those nights. But... there are still two other occasions unaccounted for.

Could she have been with Severus?

I see I shall have to ...discuss... this with him.
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